Mindful Skincare

You may be wondering what this title is getting at.  One of the core messages of Loveleaf is that self care is a daily practice that involves your WHOLE self.  So, your skincare should reflect that.  In addition to making sure the products you put on your body are healthy and effective, consider making the most out of the time you make to apply them.  Be mindful and intentional with your daily routine.  It may seem like a mundane task otherwise but it's also an opportunity to check-in with yourself.  To let go of the constant thoughts running through your mind and actually notice how you are feeling both body and mind. 

I will admit that I often rush though the act of moisturizing after a shower but I notice a big difference in my mood when I take the time to appreciate the feel of my body butter on my skin and the care that I'm giving to myself.  I'm thankful to even be able to tend to myself and to have a pleasing smell and feel while getting the job done.  Some believe that a product is more effective when you focus on its healing effects while using it.  At the very least, if you notice a feeling of gratitude for the experience you're having, you know you've picked the right brand. 

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