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Sweet Leaf Body Butter

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For those seeking to smell great, stay moisturized, destress, and keep skin supple. Sweet leaf will brighten your day and skin.  It has a warm citrus scent and an indulgent creamy feel without a greasy residue.  Not only does it feel and smell great, but the aromatherapeutic qualities of the Sweet Orange and Bergamot are mood lifters and aid in glowing clear skin when applied topically.

    Best For: All skin types.  

    Smells Like: Orange citrus, fruity with spicy undertones

    Size: 4 oz


    Why You'll Love It

    Its multipurpose by treating the skin but also is the aromatherapy benefits of de-stresssing. Point #2: it’s reasonably priced
    It smells great
    It uses all natural ingredients

    How to use

    Massage a small amount onto (unbroken) skin . all over the body

    Caution: always use sunscreen when exposed to sun.


    Key Ingredients:
    Shea butter: Moisturizer, anti aging, antifungal, antiimflammatory
    Avocado oil: Moisturizes, antioxidants
    Sweet Orange: Mood lifter, antimicrobial, antiimflammatory, treats blemishes and promotes elasticity (contatins vit.C)

    Full Ingredient List: Shea butter, avocado oil, sweet orange and bergamot essential oils, arrowroot powder

    Customer Reviews

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    I love the way my body and hair feel and smell after using Loveleaf body and hair butters. My favorite is Sweet Leaf so I ordered some for my friends as gifts. I also ordered the beard balms for my male friends. It is easy to support this brand because the products are all natural and only have quality ingredients.