About Us

The mission of Loveleaf is to nurture health conscious people who want to improve their approach to personal care with plant-based skin and hair care products that moisturize, destress, and heal.  Ultimately, we would like our products to change the way people define their well-being.
As it relates to my brand, I will not compromise on using non-synthetic ingredients. I consider my business a failure if we don't provide a satisfying experience for a reasonable cost. I want my company to be known for elevating the importance of self care as a daily tool of wellbeing.  I am committed to making sure the healing power of plant life is reflected in everything that we do.  


Origin Story

I was driven towards this path decades ago due to my struggle with allergies and a hormonal imbalance.  These challenges helped to educate me on the benefits of clean and natural ingredients in my food and in my personal care products.  My love of nature, creative spirit  and problem-solving skills lead to me creating homemade formulas for myself and loved ones.  Overtime, I gained experience and education in crafting herbal remedies and homemade skin and hair care treatments.  Years of experience using my homemade formulas to heal and nurture my friends and family gave me the confidence to create Loveleaf as a vehicle to share my products with the public.  

In adulthood, Shani found herself suffering from chronic health issues such as severe allergies and a hormonal imbalance.  After visiting with doctors, Shani decided to learn

how to better manage her own health and well-being and practice self care.
Although she understood the value of being a caregiver for others, as it was
part of her identity, it took some education to understand how important it is
to turn that loving and giving nature inward. Passionate about nature and problem-solving, Shani wanted to educate herself on the toxins in the environment and its effects on her allergies and skin. When she was growing up, she knew that she was good at using her imagination. So, she learned how to make her own products to moisturize her skin without the fragrances and preservatives attributing to dryness, allergic reactions, and hormonal imbalances. But, soon she realized that although her simple formula was non-toxic, it was not healing and was missing a pleasing scent and smooth absorbing texture.  So she went on a quest to pursue a deeper understanding of using natural, plant-based materials for healing and formulating topical treatments. Nevertheless, she soon learned that in addition to studying herbal medicine making and other holistic therapies, it was important to understand the importance of mindfulness as it relates to self-care and wellness.

She realized that being well isn’t just about the products you use, it is about the balance and release you also have in your life. So, she began incorporating this philosophy into her products by focusing on the importance of creating products that heal or provide a therapeutic value. By doing this, she was able to bring her teachings and natural passions together to heal the mind and body, while also bringing awareness to the importance of taking time for yourself.

Now, Loveleaf cares for skin and scalp problems, allergic sensitivities, and mental stress. By improving the quality and effectiveness of the formula and using a holistic approach to the experience, Loveleaf is caring for our customers overall wellbeing.

Our Commitment

Committed to non synthetic ingredients or chemically extracted fragrances.  Our price point is below our competition but high quality.  Simple ingredients that provide multiple benefits in 1 product.